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We believe in preserving the traditions of Southern Folk Magic  and bringing it to the modern era. Providing the highest quality products that are hand-blended and prepared in the time-honored way to our clients, while keeping them at affordable prices, is our commitment. We are devoted to keeping the tradition of producing exceptional products, and making them easily accessible to people who are trying to improve their lives. Keeping the world magical is our mission!

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We use organic herbs and roots when available. Our base oils are of the highest quality, and infused with herbs for at least 30 days. Waters are either distilled, or we use  Catholic Holy Water when the recipe warrants it. Each bottle is hand-blended, prayed over, and prepared according to old-time folklore recipes which often go back hundreds of years.



Mama T was raised in the Old South, and her expertise in rootwork and magical recipes was taught to her by her family elders. She also had the privilege of studying under an old conjureman in Arkansas, and an experienced rootworker in Louisiana. She studied anthropology and has spent decades gathering recipes from old texts, workers, and those who would be considered experts in the field. She currently spends most of her time in San Antonio, Memphis, and New Orleans.

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